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The Rominger Media Story

The Rominger Media Story

We all have a story to tell…

... and in today’s fractured media landscape, it’s no longer simply how you tell your story, it’s who you are telling your story to.

There are a few good elements that make up any outstanding story: A good guy, a bad guy, and a plot that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

The team at Rominger Media, Inc. boasts decades of collective experience crafting compelling stories for television, radio, print and multi-media.

What’s more, once a client’s message is formulated, we employ proven strategies for delivering your story to targeted audiences across all media platforms.

Whether your goal is to grow your client base, to change how the public sees you or just to tell the world what a great job you are doing, we have fresh ideas and solid strategies for success.

Client Spotlight

Richard Joseph SalonSpa Gets National Play

Client Richard Joseph SalonSpa scored some major ink this month in a national fashion mag!


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Davis Profile in Thicket Magazine

Check out a profile of Congressman Artur Davis in the latest edition of Thicket Magazine.




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