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Do the things you say ever come out the wrong way? Ever open your mouth, and wish you hadn't? People don't always hear your organization's story the way you mean to tell it. Rominger Media, Inc. is a boutique media relations and public relations firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. We use our years of experience in Birmingham media, PR and marketing to help craft your story and devise effective strategies for telling it to the audiences you need to hear it.

We partner with our clients to bring their message to life On Camera, share it In Print, and work Behind the Scenes to directly connect them with their target audiences. Rominger Media, Inc. uses the latest in online and traditional public and media relations practices.


Are You Terrified by Social Media?

If so, you are not alone. And very often, when we are scared of something, we stay away. That strategy may keep you out of trouble... but you may also be leaving money on the table. We help our clients identify the potential and the pitfalls of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We can devise systems to integrate social media into busy schedules and provide support and maintenance for clients who can't manage it themselves. As traditional journalism struggles, the opportunities for exploiting the power of the social media grows. Rominger Media will help you harness that power.

Client Spotlight

Richard Joseph SalonSpa Gets National Play

Client Richard Joseph SalonSpa scored some major ink this month in a national fashion mag!


Recent Releases

Davis Profile in Thicket Magazine

Check out a profile of Congressman Artur Davis in the latest edition of Thicket Magazine.




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